Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ask Vida?

Ask Vida is a career advice and learning platform that allows users to ask questions, chat with professionals and track their progress along the way. We were tired of the high barrier of entry to seek career advice, so we provide access to a network of professionals where all you have to do is ask a question and start learning today.

How does Ask Vida Work?

All the conversations on our platform start off with a question. Whether you're trying to get advice about a current situation at work or are looking to plan ahead for the future, we encourage everyone to ask thoughtful and specific questions.

Once you've submitted a question, Ask Vida will provide you a list of relevant professionals that you can match with and continue the conversation.

Is Ask Vida free?

Ask Vida is completely free and there is no limit to how many questions you can ask.

How do you find the professionals in your network?

We curate a list of professionals who have a broad range of experience in leadership, management and tenure in the workplace. We want to nurture meaningful conversations and make sure that professionals in our network are verified through our internal screening process.
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