Whether you like it or not, time and experience are what drive the mastery of any given skill.

There may not be a direct shortcut for either, but you can greatly reduce your timeline by applying a structured learning process to whatever you’re looking to learn.

Dedicate a few months (6-12) to really understand the given skill. Instead of rushing to find as much information as possible, which will result in low retention, challenge yourself to gradually tackle your subject from multiple perspectives.

Break it down into these three steps:

  1. Research your skill and understand it’s history: when did it become important and what have people learned from it?
  2. Find the experts: who is currently good at this and how did they get to where they are by using this?
  3. Look past the present: how is this skill evolving and what will it look like in the future?

This will prepare you with a baseline roadmap to help structure your approach.